Advanced technology e-classrooms have been introduced in our school, equipped with LCD screens, complementing the blackboards, to impart teaching through audio – visual medium. This advanced aid helps the students to

Audio-visual Theatre

Supporting the academic education is State-of-the-Art Audio Visual Theater which is equipped with hi-tech sound and projection systems.The theater has a seating capacity of 100 students. It has excellent acoustics to

Library & E – Library

Annexed to the main library, having a rich collection of books, our E – Library is having a vast collection of CDs, reference cabins, internet & computers. Besides aiding students in references, the E – Lab. exposes students to the world

Computer Lab

Computer Science is a vast encyclopedia in itself, which can generate familiar ism to this entire world & can help a child to gain speedy & insightful knowledge. Every student of the school is given training in computers to update

Chemistry Laboratory

It is a place to explore, enjoy and also understand the responsibility of treating equipment and chemicals with the care and attention they deserve. Learning methods, facilities and the faculty here prove that the subject can be interesting and easy to learn.

Physics Laboratory

A Physics lab aids a student in establishing the relevance of the theory. It brings clarity in the mind of the students regarding the basic concept of the subject. Students understand the difference between theory and application. Physics laboratory helps a student in improvising their approach towards the subject.

Biology Laboratory

The main purpose of laboratory work in science education is to provide students with conceptual and theoretical knowledge to help them learn scientific concepts, and through scientific methods, to understand the nature of science.

English language lab

English Language Lab software helps in learning the English language in an effective way. It provides technical tools for the students to learn the pronunciation of language in an easy way. It helps in learning the basic skills of the English language. Students learn in an easy way through interactive videos.

Maths Lab

The mathematics laboratory is a place where anybody can experiment and explore teaching and learning material. It is a place where one can find a collection of games, puzzles, and etc.


Playgrounds provide the opportunity for children to practice skills that will ultimately play a role in adult competencies such as the ability to collaborate with others